Liqua Fiber Dressing (Sterile)

SavPet Liqua Fiber Dressing(Sterile) is composed of natural fibers (cellulosic derivatives). It is a comfortable and soft sterile non-woven dressing. It can adhere closely to the wound during use. It has strong absorption to absorb wound exudate. The product will form a layer of gel which (1) keeps the surface of the wound moist (2) assists the wound heal (3) helps to remove necrotic tissues from the wound without damaging the newly-formed tissues, and (4) avoids secondary injury. This basic dressing must be used with a covering dressing.

    This combination does not exist.

    Product Features

    • Excellent performance to absorb and lock away the exudate
    • Adhere closely to the wound surface
    • When tearing off, it can relieve the wound pain
    • Provide a moist healing environment to help wound healing
    • Reduce the risk of cross-infection when removing the dressing

    Scope of application

    • Second burns
    • Lower limb ulcer
    • Surgical wounds
    • Trauma wounds

    Steps for usage

    1. After cleaning with saline, dry the wound and surrounding skin.
    2. Unwrap the packaging and take out the dressing directly.
    3. Adhere this product to the wound site, and cover it with a moisturizing securement dressing (such as hydrophilic dressing, foam dressing, or other suitable dressings).
    4. Cover with sterile gauze and apply adhesive strapping to secure it.


    • 10x10 cm


    • The product is for one-time use only. It should be replaced depending on the amount of the exudate.

    • Please consult a professional veterinarian first if you want to apply the dressing to infectious wounds.

    • While using this dressing, if the wound has persistent inflammation or redness, please stop using it and consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

    • Please store the dressing in a cool and dry environment.

    • After the packaging is damaged and unsealed, this product is not guaranteed to be sterile.

    • If you see any damage of the dressing after unpacking, please call Customer Service Hotline 0809-090-919, there will be someone for you.