Quality and technology certification

Medical device license


ISO 13485:2016 (DNV) certificate


Membership certificate of Taiwan Medical and Biotech Industry Association


Certificate of Symbol of National Quality

SNQ A01313

Medical device selling license

No. 6233062903

Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate


Awarded Symbol of National Quality (Gold Medal Award)


Membership certificate of Taiwan Cosmetics Industry Association


First-class medical device license

Dressings for Moderate Exudate

SavDerm Foam Dressing(Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 002254

SavDerm Hydrocolloids Thin Dressing(Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 002930

SavDerm Hydrocolloids Dressing(Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 008669

Other products

SavDerm Acne Dressing(Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 002924

SavDerm Transparent Dressing (Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 002312

SavDerm Medical Fask(Non-Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 008414

Debridement Specific

SavDerm Hydrogel(Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 003934

Dressings for Heavy Exudate

SavDerm Wound Dressing(Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 002206

SavDerm Foam Island Wound Dressing(Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 002350

SavDerm Alginate dressing(Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 003663

SavDerm Aquafabric dressing(Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 004403

SavDerm Aqua Plus dressing(Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 008899

Scar Care Dressings

SavDerm Liquid Bandage(Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 003929

SavDerm Silicone Scar-care Dressing(Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 002205

SavDerm Silicone Scar-care Dressing (Beige)(Non-Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 002389

SavDerm Silicone Scar gel(Non-Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 003738

SavDerm Beige Scar Gel(Non-Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 005401

SavDerm Silicone Scar-care Dressing (Non-Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 005505

Soluzione Silicone Scar gel(Non-Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 009626

Second-class medical device license

Dressing Application

SavDerm Antiseptic Ag Foam Dressing (Sterile)

DOH-MD-No. 003349

SavDerm Biocellulose Film

DOH-MD-No. 002677

SavDerm Antiseptic Wound Dressing (Sterile)

DOH-MD-No. 003484

SavDerm Antiseptic Hydrocolloids Dressing(Sterile)

DOH-MD-No. 004498

SavDerm Antiseptic  Hydrocolloids Thin Dressing(Sterile)

DOH-MD-No. 003695

SavDerm Antiseptic Acne Dressing(Sterile)

DOH-MD-No. 003696

SavDerm Ag Aquafabric plus (Sterile)

DOH-MD-No. 007372

Bone Graft Substitute

NuROs Bone Graft Substitute (Sterile)

DOH-MD-No. 003611

NuROs Injectable Bone Graft Substitute (Sterile)

DOH-MD-No. 003103

NexFill Dental Bone Graft(Sterile)

DOH-MD-No. 003734

VitOs Injectable Bone Graft substitute (Sterile)

DOH-MD-No. 004836

For scars

SavDerm Wound Closure Strip Kit (Sterile)

DOH-MD-No. 003745

Other Products

Mentholatum Clear Patch

DOH-MD-No. 004847

Mentholatum Acnes Acne Patch(Sterile)

DOH-MD-No. 004848

Mentholatum Acnes Dressing(Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 007595

License for export-specific medical equipment

Acnes Medicated Anti-bacteria Spot Dressing

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 000640

Mentholatum Acnes Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch (Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 000649

Men's Spot Dressing

 DOH-MD-(I)-No. 000649

Oxy Anti-Bacterial Acne Patch

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 001535

Mentholatum Acnes Acne Patch (Sterile)

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 000650

Mentholatum Spot Dressing

DOH-MD-(I)-No. 001221


NuROs Bone Graft Substitute (Sterile)

DOH-MD-No. 003611