Oriental Resources Development Limited has two business unit, recycling and biomedical business unit which are responsible separately for the development of recycling industries and health care products. These two business units work together to develop environmental resources management and health care related industries, hoping to become high value affiliated company of Far Eastern Group...


SavDerm Wound Care Products 

Bone Graft Substitute

Functional full range


Oriental Resources Development Limited (ORD) is a professional ODM/OEM manufacturer specializing in medical device. ORD is certificated with ISO13485 and GMP quality system. All of our products are CE certificated and we welcome the partners with ODM/OEM needs. ORD will provide you not only the products with excellent quality based on your request but also the competitive price.

Service and Support

Remind you, if you have any discomfort in the wound, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid delay in treatment, thank you...