Hydrogel (Sterile)

SavDerm Hydrogel is a sterile amorphous hydrogel composed of CMC, propylene glycol and purified water to provide a moist wound healing environment and to promote autolytic debridement. SavDerm Hydrogel is ideal to absorb wound slough and exudates with small amount.

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    DOH-MD-No. 003934

    Product Features

    • Keep moist: high water content.
    • Applicable to various parts: Amorphous gel state, which can be properly applied to cover wounds of various shapes.
    • Easy to use: The tip-nose hose packaging design can be operated with one hand to reduce the risk of contact and infection.

    Intended Use

    • Low exudation, decayed wounds.
    • First or second degree burns.
    • Diabetic ulcer.
    • Pressure ulcer.

    Directions for use

    1. Cleanse wounds and surrounding skin with normal saline before application.
    2. Open the package and remove the cap.
    3. Press the tube and spread the gel with the thickness of 5mm over the wound site.
    4. Cover the wound with secondary dressing as below.

    Dressing Replacement frequency
    SavDerm ProtectfilmEveryday
    SavDerm absorbent dressing (Ex: Foam Dressing) Everyday
    SavDerm  Protectfilm or  absorbent dressing Every three days

    30g /tube
    1 tube/box


    • Provide with sterile package and do not use the product if the package is damaged.

    • Do not reuse the product after unpacking the package.
    • This product is not suitable for those who are allergic to gel ingredients
    • Use saline to moist the dressing and wound before dressing removal.

    • Avoid to store in the humid and high temperature environment. Keep away from direct sunlight.

    • Discontinue to use  the product and consult the physician if irritation, rash or any discomfort occurs.

    • SavDerm Hydrogel may be used on infected wounds only under the physician's advice.