Debridement Gel(sterile)

SavPet Debridement Gel(sterile) is a transparent, sterile, amorphous dressing composed of carboxymethyl cellulose, propylene glycol, and water. This product is suitable for wounds with medium-level to low-level exudate. This product can provide a moist healing environment for dry wounds and can protect new granulation tissue. As for wounds with medium-level exudate, this product can absorb a small amount of secretion fluid to keep the wound moist. This product can also prevent wounds from external bacteria to assist the wounds to recover

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    Product Features

    • Keep moist and assist healing:
      High water content. Assist in the removal of black scabs naturally. Maintain moisture and repair the newly-formed tissues to help healing.
    • Relieve pain:
      The high water-content gel can lower the temperature of the wounds, effectively protect the exposed peripheral nerve, and relieve pain.
    • Applicable parts:
      The amorphous gel can be applied to different shapes of wounds.
    • Easy to use:
      The nozzle tip tube hose packaging design can be operated with a single hand to reduce the risk of contact infection.

    Scope of application

    • This product is suitable for open ulcers, pressure sores, necrotic tissues, and wounds with low-level to medium-level exudate.

    Steps for usage

    It is recommended to use the product under the guidance of medical professionals.
    1. Initially clean the wounds with physiological saline.
    2. Open the nozzle tip cap of the tube hose.
    3. Grasp the hose with one hand and press lightly. The gel can be squeezed out of the nozzle tip. Do not contact the nozzle with the wounds. Evenly apply the gel on the wounds until the thickness of the covering layer reaches 5 nm. Discard the remaining unused gel.
    4. Wrap the wound with an auxiliary dressing (see the table below) as the second layer of dressing.

    Status of the wound

    2nd layer of the dressing

    Frequency of replacement

    Necrotic tissue

    Membrane dressing (such as waterproof and moisture-permeable membrane)


    Black scab with slough tissue

    Absorbent dressings (such as foam dressings)


    Clean new-formed granulation tissue

    Membrane or absorbent dressings

    Every three days




    1. This product is in sterile packaging. If the packaging is damaged before unpacking, please do not use it.
    2. This product is a one-time-use product, please do not reuse it after opening.
    3. This product is not suitable for pets that are allergic to gel ingredients.
    4. When replacing the dressing, please use saline to moisten the dressing and the wound before removal.
    5. Avoid storing in direct sunlight, humid and high-temperature environments.
    6. If your pet's skin shows inflamed red, swollen, hot, painful, allergic or unwell symptoms, stop using the product immediately and seek medical treatment from a veterinarian.
    7. After unpacking, if the gel is damaged, please call the customer service hotline +886-3-599-7135 #841, and someone will handle it for you.