NuROs Bone Graft Substitute (Sterile)

This product is sintered with calcium phosphate salts at high temperatures, with open pores, which is suitable for filling bone defects. It can be absorbed and replaced by the human body during bone healing.

    This combination does not exist.

    Scope of application

    • Bone filler replacement for bone defects caused by surgery, trauma, infection, tumor resection, reconstruction of the joint, etc.

    DOH-MD-No. 003611



    Strip type (5mm x 5mm x20mm ; 0.5c.c)

    Model Name
    NBP 10
    1 c.c.
    NBP 25
    2.5 c.c.
    NBP 50
    5 c.c.
    NBP 100
    10 c.c.
    NBP 200
    20 c.c.
    NBP 30030 c.c.

    Granular type

    Granular size0.2 ~ 0.5 mm 0.5 ~ 1 mm
    1 ~2 mm
    3 mm
    1 c.c.BGA 10
    BGB 10
    BGD 10
    2.5 c.c.BGA 25
    BGB 25
    BGC 25
    BGD 25
    5 c.c.

    BGC 50
    BGD 50
    10 c.c.

    BGC 100
    BGD 100
    20 c.c.

    BGC 200BGD 200
    30 c.c.

    BGC 300
    BGD 300

    Side effects or complications 

    1. If any complications are found, another surgery or implant removal may be required.
    2. Complications include but are not limited to:
    (1) The implant is damaged and shifted.
    (2) The contour of the appearance is deformed.
    (3) Tissue atrophy at the implantation site.
    (4) Edema, redness, and inflammation.


    1. In the event of any contraindications, careful evaluation by professional medical staff is required before administration.
    2. Contraindications include but are not limited to:
    (1) The part that needs to endure the stress repeatedly.
    (2) Severely infected wounds or surrounding parts.
    (3) The fragile parts that cannot support the implementation of bone cement.
    (4) Patients with undeveloped bones.
    (5) Patients suffering from diseases related to bone metabolism.
    (6) Pregnant or breastfeeding females.
    (7) Patients with odd or missing bones due to the disease or congenital deformity.
    (8) Patients with a lower healing rate due to immune problems or the administration.


    1. This product is for one-time use only. Do NOT re-sterilize and use or Do NOT use the residual material after opened.
    2. If the wounded area is heavily bleeding, it is recommended to apply it after the bleeding is controlled.
    3. This product can only be used for bone filling treatment, and aseptic techniques are required during the whole treatment.
    4. Avoid storing in humid or high-temperature environments.
    5. If you see any damage of the dressing after unpacking, please call Customer Service+886-3-599-7135 #841. There will be someone for you.