SavDerm Antiseptic Hydrocolloids Thin Dressing (Sterile)

SavDerm Antiseptic Hydrocolloids Dressing consists of protective PU film, antiseptic agent- Chlorhexidine diacetate and flexible absorbent gel designed for use on dry to lightly exudating wounds. SavDerm Antiseptic Hydrocolloids Dressing is adherent to skin but not to wounds and newly formed tissue that provides a favorable moist environment on wound bed and prevents outside contamination to enhance wound healing.

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    DOH-MD-No. 004498

    Product Benefits

    • Non-adherent and atraumatic to wounds.
    • Waterproof, breathable. Protect the wound against external contamination.
    • Interact with exudates to contain within gel and keep the wound with moderate moisture to help healing.
    • Soft and flexible. Adherent to skin securely without worry of body movement.
    • Containing Chlorhexidine diacetate antimicrobial agent to provide stable and long term antimicrobial function and to reduce the risk of wound infection.
    • Discoloration after absorbing exudate.
    • The surface of the product is waterproof. 
    • Adhere closely.

    Intended Use

    • Ordinary wounds
    • Wounds with low to moderate exudates.
    • Ordinary wounds (abrasion, graze, wound after surgery).
    • Burns. (1st or 2nd degree)
    • Wounds after laser
    • Chronic wounds


    SPEC (cm)
    SPEC (Inch)
    For Wound
    10 x 10
    4 x 4
    within 8 cm
    Within 12cm
    Within 16cm


    • Daily change of dressing is recommended. Depending on the type of wound and volume of exudates, it is recommended to change dressing every two to three days, no longer than seven days.

    • After absorbing the exudate, the product will turn into light yellow and bulky. If the bulky area becomes large and the edge of the product tilts up, please change for a new one.

    • Cut the dressing as necessary and allow for 1-2cm larger than the wound and overlap onto intact skin.

    • Consult medical profession prior to the application onto infected wounds.

    • Store in a dry place at room temperature and keep away from heat and sun light.

    • Dressing is not sterile guaranteed if package is opened or damaged.
    • This product is not suitable for those who are allergic to gel ingredients
    • Discontinue to use the product and consult the physician if irritation, rash or any discomfort occurs.
    • Avoid touching the sticky side of the product to prevent contamination.
    • The surface of the product is waterproof with gas permeability, but direct contact with water should be avoided.