SavDerm Ag Aquafabric Plus Dressing (Sterile)

SavDerm Ag Aquafabric Plus Dressing is a comfortable, soft, sterile non-woven dressing. It is composed of hydrophilic fiber (sodium carboxymethylcellulose), reinforced fiber and silver-containing fiber.

    This combination does not exist.

    Product Benefits

    1. This dressing can absorb abundant wound exudate and bacteria, forming a soft and adhesive gel that adheres to the wound surface, maintaining a moist environment for the wound and assisting in reducing the risk of infection.
    2. The silver in the fabric kills bacteria absorbed by the dressing and helps to form an antibacterial barrier to protect the wound. A moist healing environment and controlled bacteria help the wound-healing process and reduce the risk of infection.

    DOH-MD-No. 007372


    Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, reinforced fiber, silver-containing fiber


    • With the instructions of medical professionals, SavDerm Ag Aquafabric Plus Dressing can be applied in the following situations:
    1. The dressing can be applied to the wounds as a barrier against bacteria penetration to reduce the risk of infection.
    2. Partial (second-degree) burns
    3. Ulcers on legs (diabetes, varicose veins, arterial or mixed) and pressure ulcers (partial or all skins)
    4. Surgical wounds dehiscence
    5. Healed wounds after surgery, such as skin, bones and vascular.
    6. Traumatic wounds that are prone to bleeding, such as wounds undergone mechanical or surgical debridement and skin donation.
    7. Tumor wounds with exudate (painful wounds and infected wounds)

    The dressing should be avoided for those who are sensitive to or allergic to its ingredients.


    1. Before using this dressing, the wound and surrounding skin should be thoroughly cleaned.
    2. Size the dressing at least 1cm (1/2 inch) beyond the wound margin.
    3. If the dressing is used for wounds with cavities, size the dressing 2.5 cm (1 inch) beyond the wound margin for the convenience of removal. Place the dressing to around 80% depth of the wound due to the expansion of the dressing after intake of exudate.
    4. When used on the skin donation site, the dressing can stay on the wound for up to 14 days.
    5. The dressing should be applied together with the 2nd layer of the dressing, such as SavDerm Hydrocolloids Thin Dressing, SavDerm Foam Dressing, gauze, or other appropriate dressings. 
    6. All wounds should be inspected frequently. Replace a new piece of SavDerm Ag Aquafabric Plus Dressing when leakage, excessive bleeding, worsening pain happens or after up to seven days.

    For partial (second-degree) burns: 

    • Before using this dressing, the wound and surrounding skin should be thoroughly cleaned.
    • Size the dressing 5cm (2 inches) beyond the wound margin.
    • Cover the dressing with sterile gauze and fix them with medical tape or bandage.
    • Change the gauze and the dressing regularly and check whether the dressing on the wound has shifted.
    • Adhesion of the dressing to the wound is an essential feature when used in this indication.
    • Dressings adhered to the joints may hinder movements.
    • Replace a new piece of SavDerm Ag Aquafabric Plus Dressing when excessive bleeding or infection happens to meet the clinical needs.
    • When used for partial burns (second-degree burns), this dressing can stay on the wound for up to 14 days. If the burn wound becomes infected, the wound should be checked frequently
    • When skin grows on the burn wound, the dressing will fall off or be easily removed


    • Warning: adverse reactions to silver such as dermatitis, allergies and other symptoms are uncommon. But if those symptoms occur, please stop using this dressing immediately.
    • Once the package is damaged or unpacked, this product is not guaranteed to be in a sterile condition and is for one-time use only.
    • Dressing is not sterile guaranteed if package is opened or damaged.
    • Store in a dry and cool place and keep away from sunlight
    • If the dressing is hard to remove, soak it in sterile saline until it can be easily removed.
    • This product provides a moist environment to help new blood vessels grow. Some blood-containing wound fluid may occur when soft new blood vessels grow. This product is not compatible with petro-based products (such as soft paraffin).
    • Please follow the instructions for use and use the second layer of dressing.
    • When applied for second-degree burns, the dressing adhered to the joint may hinder the movement.
    • This dressing is not suitable for patients who are about to undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
    • This product cannot be used with oxidizing substances (such as sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide).
    • Except for the products listed in this instruction, do not use this product together with other wound care products without consulting medical professionals.
    • After unpacking, for any damaged products, please contact our customer service+886-3-599-7135 #841 for exchange.
    • The treatment for the following wounds should be conducted under the supervision of medical professionals: varicose, arterial, or mixed ulcers, diabetic ulcers, second-degree burns, skin donation sites, surgery, and tumor wounds.
    • Take appropriate supportive methods when necessary, such as progressive compression when treating varicose leg ulcers, decompression when treating pressure ulcers, frequent inspection while implementing system antibiotics, and control of blood sugar while treating diabetic ulcers.
    • For tumor wounds, a highly absorbent second layer of dressing may be required.
    • For wounds with cavities, band dressings can be used to wrap the wounds.
    • For partial burns (second-degree), if the epithelium has not formed after 14 days, other (surgical) treatments should be considered.
    • SavDerm Ag Aquafabric Plus Dressing is not suitable to be used as surgical gauze.
    • SavDerm Ag Aquafabric Plus Dressing has not been studied in clinical research for wounds such as herpes simplex and pustular rash.


    Store at room temperature (10~25℃) and keep dry

    Model and Spec

    Sterilized bag
    Aluminum foil bagsize Package
    WDY03B00810 x 10 cm 20 pieces