​​SavDerm Aquafabric Plus Dressing (Sterile)


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    10 X 10
    15 x 15

    DOH-MD-No. 008899

    Product Benefits

    •  Excellent ability to absorb and lock exudate. 
    • Closely adhere to the wound surface. 
    • It can reduce wound pain when removed. 
    • Provide a moist environment to help wounds heal. 
    • Reduce cross-infection when removed.

    Intended Use

    • Second-degree burns. 
    • Ulceration of lower limbs. 
    • Surgical wounds. 
    • Traumatic wounds.


    1. After cleaning with saline, dry the wound and surrounding skin. 
    2. Open the packaging and take out the dressing directly. 
    3. Place it on the wound, and cover it with a fixed dressing that can keep this dressing moist (such as SavDerm Hydrocolloids Thin Dressing, SavDerm Foam Dressing, or other suitable dressing). 
    4. Cover the dressing with sterile gauze and fix them with tape.



    • The product is for one-time use and should be replaced depending on the condition of wound exudation.
    • If the dressing is used for the infected wounds, please consult medical professionals.
    • When using this dressing, if the wound continues to be inflamed, red or swollen, please stop using it and seek medical advice as soon as possible.
    • Store at a cool and dry place
    • Dressing is not sterile guaranteed if package is opened or damaged.
    • If there is any product damage or you have any questions, contact your sales or customer service via +886-3-599-7135.