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Tooth whitening-Teeth Whitening Gel

People have been paying attention to dental care in recent years, especially for healthy, clean and whiten teeth. However, poor oral hygiene, foods and smoking will cause tooth discoloration, so people need better tools for teeth cleaning.
ORD has developed an effective teeth whitening gel (Fig. 1). We designed a special whitening component that can react with organic pigments molecules and convert the carbon-carbon double bond structure of pigment molecular into single bond and thus achieve the effect of tooth whitening.
The experiment is proven that whitening gel combined with about 20 minutes blue light treatment (wavelength of 400 ~ 500 nm) has excellent teeth whitening effect (Fig. 2).


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  1. cleaning the stain of tooth surface.
  2. containing special whitening formulation and preventing enamel from damage.
  3. no ethanol, low sensitivity.
  4. with mint flavor to keep mouth in fresh breath.
  1. The whitening gel was tested and evaluated by dentists. It shows no teeth sensitivity occurred.


  1. tooth whitening treatment in the dental clinics.
  2. tooth whitening treatment at home.

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