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Gingival Protector

ORD has developed a bone graft substitute that is sintered by 1100˘J with calcium phosphate ĄV one of the components of natural bone. The bone graft substitute has both high porosity and high structure strength. We can control the pore size and the shape of the product by novel sintering technology (Fig.1).
High porosity of the bone graft substitute can help osteoblast adhesion and migration (Fig.2), and high structure strength can provide temporary support to avoid second damage. During the healing process, the bone graft substitute will be replaced by natural bone gradually.


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  1. Natural
  2. Up
  3. Resorbable
  4. Osteoconductive
  5. Safety
    biological safety testĄGpass the biological safety test by SGS
  1. Cytotoxicity
  2. Intracutaneous Irritation
  3. Skin Sensitization Test
  4. Acute Systemic Toxicity
  5. Subacute Intravenous toxicity
  6. Genotoxicity
  7. Bone Implant
  8. Heavy metals
  9. pyrogenic test


  1. Bone defects caused by surgery, trauma, infection, tumor resection.

Product Specifications

Product Name Model Specification
Bone Graft Substitute BGA 10 1c.c. 0.2~0.5mm Granule
BGA 25 2.5c.c. 0.2~0.5mm Granule
BGB 10 1c.c. 0.5~1mm Granule
BGB 25 2.5c.c. 0.5~1mm Granule
BGC10 1c.c. 1~2mm Granule
BGC25 2.5c.c. 1~2mm Granule
BGC50 5c.c. 1~2mm Granule
BGC100 10c.c. 1~2mm Granule
BGC200 20c.c. 1~2mm Granule
BGC300 30c.c. 1~2mm Granule
BGD10 1c.c. 3mm Granule
BGD25 2.5c.c. 3mm Granule
BGD50 5c.c. 3mm Granule
BGD100 10c.c. 3mm Granule
BGD200 20c.c. 3mm Granule
BGD300 30c.c. 3mm Granule
NBP 10 1c.c. 5*5*20mm Block
NBP 25 2.5c.c. 5*5*20mm Block
NBP 50 5c.c. 5*5*20mm Block
NBP 100 10c.c. 5*5*20mm Block
NBP 200 20c.c. 5*5*20mm Block
NBP 300 30c.c. 5*5*20mm Block
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