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Injectable Bone Graft Substitute

ORD has developed a bone graft substitute that is intended to be filled into bone defect (Fig.1). The filler provides structural support to avoid being hollow but is not for bone tissue stabilizing. After filling into the site of bone defect, the bone graft substitute paste will self-harden in situ; it can be replaced with natural bone gradually during the healing process (Fig.2 & 3).
Traditional bone cement needs longer time to solidify and needs to be blended all the time while using, so it is uninjectable and usually can only be packed on the defect directly. However, our product is improved and suitable for injection because of the solidification time of our product is shorter, and the materials of this product are easy to mix. (Fig. 4). Using this product can effectively decrease infection of operation and reduce user’s discomfort.


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  1. Natural
  2. Up
  3. Resorbable
  4. Osteoconductive
  5. Safety
    biological safety test:pass the biological safety test by SGS
  1. Cytotoxicity
  2. Intracutaneous Irritation
  3. Skin Sensitization Test
  4. Acute Systemic Toxicity
  5. Subacute Intravenous toxicity
  6. Genotoxicity
  7. Bone Implant
  8. Heavy metals
  9. pyrogenic test


  1. Bone defects caused by surgery, trauma, infection, tumor resection, joint reconstruction and pedicle screw.

Product Specifications

Product Name Model Specification
New Regenerative Injectable Bone Graft Substitute
(Traditional Version; Model:NIBS)
NIBS15 1.5 cc
NIBS30 3 cc
NIBS50 5 cc
NIBS60 6 cc
NIBS100 10 cc
New Regenerative Injectable Bone Graft Substitute
(Simplified Version; Model:NBS)
NBS15 1.5 cc
NBS30 3 cc
NBS50 5 cc
NBS60 6 cc
NBS100 10 cc
NBS200 20 cc
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