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SavPet Wound Dressing

ˇ§SavDermˇ¨ Wound Dressing for Animal Use is specific for wounds having heavy exudate as a revolutionary professional development of dressing. It has properties of high absorption, high breathable and moisture retsntion. When an animal/a pet gets injury, the Wound Dressing provides the best care to the wound. ˇ§SavDermˇ¨ Wound Dressing has unique contact layer which is non adherent surface reducing pain when dressing change, and it makes pets reducing nerves and no fear. ˇ§SavDermˇ¨ Wound Dressing, in addition, has innovative multiple layer design to provide suitable moisture to the wound and has benefits for blood vascular regeneration and cell growth. It makes wound heal better and shortens the recivery time.


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Product Benefits

  1. High AbsorptionˇDWithout Back-infiltrationˇG
    • Patented design with highly absorbent polymer to absorb wound exudate without leakage to avoid wound infection.
  2. Waterproof & BreathableˇG
    • Breathable barrier layer protects against bacteria and contaminants.
  3. Moisture retentionˇG
    • Moisture-retentive design provides an opportune condition to stimulate cell proliferation giving a shortening healing time.
  4. Non-adhesionˇG
    • Non-adherent contact layer prevents wounds from second damage while dressing change and avoids harm to new wound granulation tissue reducing pain during dressing change and psychological burden. It is suitable for elderly, women and children.

Intended Use

  1. Wounds with moderate to heavy exudate
  2. Chronic wounds : neuropathic (diabetic) ulcers)
  3. Chronic wounds : pressure ulcers (stage I-II)
  4. Abrasions, traumatic wounds, surgical wounds

Directions for use

  1. Clean and rinse the wound with water or saline.
  2. Open package and remove sterile dressing.
  3. Keep the barrier layer up and position over the wound site.
  4. Secure the dressing with surgical tape.


Dressing size For Wounds
cm Inch



Within 3 cm



Within 8 cm



Within 12 cm



Within 30 cm


  1. Daily change of dressing is recommended. It is also recommended applying with ˇ§SavDermˇ¨ Transparent Thin Film (need to be greater than 2-3 cm above the edge) to provide complete protection of the wounds.
  2. For best results, do not squeeze or cut the dressing.
  3. If the packaging is damaged or opened, the sterile of the product is not guaranteed.
  4. Please store under cool and dry condition.
  5. If you see any damaged of the dressing after unpacking, please call Customer Service Hotline 0809-090-919, there will be someone for you.

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