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SavDerm Aquafabric Plus(Sterile)

SavDerm Aquafabric plus (Sterile) is composed of fibers (cellulose derivatives). It is a comfortable, soft and sterile non-woven dressing. It can adhere closely to the wound during use. It has strong absorption and can absorb wound exudate. It can form a layer of gel, and the gel can keep the wound surface moist, help the wound heal, and avoids secondary injury. This basic dressing must be used with a covering dressing.


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Features of the product

  1. Excellent absorption:
    • Unique hydrophilic fiber dressing, composed of non-woven fabric, has the high absorption of liquid exudation. After the dressing absorbs the exudate, it will form a layer of transparent gel; this gel provides the moist healing environment to help wound healing. It is also easy to observe the wound healing progress.
  2. Soft texture:
    • This product is made of cellulosic fiber which covers closely on to the wound surface.
  3. Easy to remove without pain:
    • This product has good air permeability and does not stick to the wound surface.

Scope of application

  1. Trauma wounds.
  2. Surgical wounds
  3. Partial wounds.

Step for usage

  1. After cleaning with saline, dry the wound and surrounding skin.
  2. Unwrap the packaging and take out the dressing directly.
  3. Position over the wound site directly. (Area of the dressing must be bigger than the wound)
  4. Apply adhesive strapping to fix the dressing well.


Product size

5 cm x 5 cm

10 cm x 10 cm

15 cm x 15 cm

20 cm x 20 cm

2 cm x 45 cm

10 cm x 12 cm

20 cm x 30 cm


  1. Change the dressing every 1 to 2 days. It is not recommended to be used over 7 days. If the exudates leak out, change the dressing immediately.
  2. When the packaging is damaged and unsealed, this product is not guaranteed to be sterile, and the product is only for one-time use.
  3. Please store in a cool and dry place.
  4. If you want to use it on infectious wounds, please consult a medical professional.
  5. Before using this dressing with other healing care products, you must first consult a medical professional.
  6. When using this dressing, skin irritation (such as redness, inflammation), skin softening (whitening of the skin), excessive granulation tissue growth or sensitivity (allergic reaction) in the wound, etc., please consult a medical professional.
  7. If it is difficult to remove the dressing, use sterile saline to thoroughly wet the dressing so that the saline can penetrate into the dressing.
  8. 8. After unpacking, if the dressing is damaged, please call the customer service hotline 0809-090-919, and someone will take care of it for you.

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