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Silicone Scar-care Dressing

Silicone Scar-care Dressing has abilities of moisturizing and pressing which can maintain the scar under the pressure and in the moisture environment, and then effectively inhibits scar formation to improve the appearance of scars. It is non adhesive and no foreign body sensation.
Beige Scae-care Dressing is added beige cloth outside of the dressing for UV-protection and preventing hyperpigmentation.


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Product Benefits

  1. Self-adhesive and can be cut arbitrarily.
  2. The 0.5mm ultra-thin feel fits comfortably.
  3. Adhere to the scar area completely.
  4. No residual glue, no degumming.
  5. Can be cleaned and reused.
  6. Medical grade silicone.

Intended Use

  1. Closed cell hyperplasia (hypertrophic or keloid) scars.

Directions for use

  1. Open the package, and take out silicone scar-care dressing.
  2. Cut to a suitable shape and size to fit into the scar and up 2 cm of normal skin around the scar.
  3. Apply the dressing onto the scar.
  4. Flatten the dressing and gently press the dressing to fix well.


Model Name Product Name Specification Package


Silicone Scar-care Dressing

5cm x 8cm

300 pcs /ctn

5cm x 20cm

200 pcs /ctn


Silicone Scar-care Dressing (Beige)

5cm x 8cm

300 pcs /ctn

5cm x 20cm

200 pcs /ctn


  1. Make sure the skin is clean.
  2. Never use on open and unhealed wound.
  3. 2-hour period is recommended for the first-time treatment. It may continue the treatment and gradually increase the time of treatment if no discomfort in first 2 hours.
  4. Can be reused in two weeks or a longer period of time, and need only once cleaning per day.
  5. When the dressing become less adherent or edge roll-up occurs, cut off the edge and keep use.
  6. No cream or ointment on the scar.
  7. Washed by neutral detergent once a day is recommended.
  8. Scar flattening and fading will be observed after two weeks of application; be patient and continue to apply for 2-4 months, scar flattening and fading will be more obvious (the course of treatment is dependent on the physical condition of the patients).
  9. Discontinue use and consult a medical profession if the wound is consistently inflamed or appears redness and allergy.
  10. Accidentally swallowed by children may cause gastrointestinal obstruction. Get medical attention immediately.
  11. General course of treatment is 2~6 months, patience is required.
  12. If you see any damaged of the dressing after unpacking, please call Customer Service Hotline 0809-090-919, there will be someone for you.

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