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Foam Dressing

“SavDerm”Foam Dressing is specific design for chronic wounds, and the soften contact layer as a cushion to protect wounds providing the soft touch feeling and reducing pain and uncomfortable. It has properties of high absorption and breathable, and provides suitable moisture environment to the wound. It will enhance vascular regeneration and cell growth to make wound heal faster and shorten the recovery time. “SavDerm”Foam Dressing is non adhesion to the wound, and it can reduce the pain when dressing change. The outside of barrier layer can prevent contaminants and water penetration to give wounds better recovery.


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Product Benefits

  1. High absorption:
    • It absorbs wound exudate avoiding wound infection and reduces times of dressing changes.
  2. Non Adhesion:
    • It prevents wounds from second damage while dressing change and avoids harm to new wound granulation tissue reducing pain during dressing change and psychological burden.
  3. Moisture retention:
    • It provides a moisture environment and regulates the degree of wound moisture giving a good wound healing environment and a shortening healing time.
  4. Waterproof & Breathable:
    • Breathable barrier layer protects against bacteria and contaminants.
  5. Texture Comfort:
    • It is soft as cushion to reduce wounds pain caused by the collision and protects the wounds.
  6. Cuttable:
    • The dressing can be cut based on wound size and prevent skin allergies and wound adhesion; as a result, it can be apply to fragility skin of wounds.

Intended Use

  1. Traumatic wounds and donor site.
  2. Moderate to heavy draining wounds.
  3. Chronic wound including neuropathic (diabetic) ulcers.
  4. Pressure ulcers.

Directions for use

  1. Cleanse the wound and surrounding skin as needed and dry completely before placing dressing.
  2. Open package and remove sterile dressing.
  3. Keep the foam layer down and position over the wound site , allowing edges overlap onto intact skin.
  4. Cover by gauze and secure with surgical tape, elastic or cohesive wrap depending on wound location.


Dressing Size For Wound




Within 3 cm



Within 8 cm



Within 12 cm



Within 16 cm


  1. Depending on the type of wound and volume of exudates, change dressing every three to seven days.
  2. Cut the dressing as necessary and allow for 2-3cm of foam overlap onto intact skin.
  3. Do not use in conjunction with liquid oxides such as hypochiorite solution or hydrogen peroxide.
  4. Consult medical profession prior to the application onto infected wounds.
  5. Store in a dry place at room temperature and keep away from heat and sun light.
  6. Dressing is not sterile guaranteed if package is opened or damaged.
  7. For any abnormal products, please contact our customer service for exchange.

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