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Dressing & Wounds
  • What is trauma?
    Traumatic injuries occur when the human body is exposed to strong external physical forces causing tissue destruction, bodily injury, and bleeding.
  • Trauma causes and classification
    (1) Closed trauma: contusions, sprains, strains, dislocations, internal injuries, lockout fracture.
    (2) Open wounds: abrasions, cuts, lacerations, rupture, stabbed, penetrating injuries, open fractures.
    Among them, the large area with deeper wounds which produce a large number of wound exudate such as burns, venous stasis ulcers, diabetes ulcers, bed sores are the most difficult to care.
  • What is the wound exudate?
    Wound exudate including blood secretions and highly concentrated protein solution can provide the necessary growth factor, nourishment material and the source of cell.
  • Why wound exudate wounds are difficult to care?
    Excessive wound exudate become medium for bacterial growth and macerate the surrounding healthy tissue causing red. On the contrary, if the wound exudate is insufficient, it will lead to scab formation and incomplete wound healing.
  • How to effectively control the wound exudate?
    In the wound healing process, to cover a suitable wound dressing which is able to effectively absorb exudate and control the wound exudate via absorption, wetting and water penetration, accelerate wound healing and reduce wound infection.
  • Correct wound care methods:
    (1) Clean the wound - wash your wound with water or normal saline to reduce the bacterial burden in the wound bed.
    (2) Abnormal healing wound debridement - encountered a large wound or abnormal healing wound needed to remove necrotic tissue and bacteria which will cause inflammation by the surgeon debridement, , in order to promote wound healing.
    (3) To create the appropriate environment for wound healing - after the wound cleaning, the skin wound will be self –healing under normal circumstances. If under the different healing period, using different suitable dressings to cover the wound in different curing stage, it will make wounds heal fast and better. For example: in the early stage of the wound with highly absorb exudate, it is a better choice to use a dressing without sticking to the wound granulation tissue, such as “SavDerm Wound Dressing”.
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