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By 1984, the soft drink manufacturers began using lots of PET bottles but no recycling system. This massive use produces huge environmental problems such as incinerator furnace failure and drainage ditches blocked when all these empty bottles are trashed. Manufacturers and users of PET bottles have begun to find sustainable solutions ,and ˇ§PET bottles Recycling Fund Management Boardˇ¨was jointly set up by Taiwan Beverage Industries Association and PET bottle manufacturers in 1989. Taiwan Beverage Industries Association appropriated funds for recycling operating funds. At the time, two of major bottle manufacturers (Far EasternˇBShin Kong) jointly invested to established a recycling factory which for dealing with waste PET bottle is ˇ§Taiwan Recycling Corporationˇ¨.

The setting objectives are waste reduction and resources recycling. Our faith is using good technology to produce high quality of recycling PET resin which for promoting the concept of re-use of secondary materials. Policy

1.Quality PoliciesˇG
  • Quality first
  • Customer first
  • Communication and coordination

    • 2.Environment Protection, Safety & Hygiene PoliciesˇG

      • ˇ]1ˇ^Commitment to the continuous improvement of OSH performance, and environmental pollution prevention, and injury prevention of occupational safety and health.
      • ˇ]2ˇ^Commitment to compliance with occupational safety and health regulation and other requirements.
      • ˇ]3ˇ^Regular review of environmental and occupational safety and health objectives.
      • ˇ]4ˇ^Communicate environmental policies to employees and interested parties.
      • ˇ]5ˇ^Communicate occupational safety and health obligations to staff under organizational control.
      • ˇ]6ˇ^Can open the occupational safety and health policy to the interested parties and the community.
      • ˇ]7ˇ^Do a good job of waste classification, reduction and recycling.
      • ˇ]8ˇ^Develop the habit of saving water and electricity.
      • ˇ]9ˇ^To achieve no major occupational hazards.
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