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Founding Spirit of Far Eastern Group

The Far Eastern Group's Founder – Mr. Y. Z. Hsu – has always taken "trustworthiness" as the guiding principle of his business management. Beyond Group Founder's commitment to constancy, honesty, and openness, he has enshrined "Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift and Prudence" as Far Eastern's founding motto:

Customers, the general public, and colleagues must all be treated with sincerity; cooperation and teamwork must be based on mutual trust.

Everyone must always work diligently to renew themselves and the company. With diligence we may make up for our inadequacies and overcome hardships.

Live a simple life and cherish your blessings; thus one may live a happy life with few earthly desires.

Always make a careful assessment before undertaking any task; those who plan ahead are those who will succeed.

Continuously create new value for customers and shareholders, is always the goal of Far Eastern Group, and the highest ideal is to make each of its business units having become first-class company in their respective industries.

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