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Company Philosophy

Oriental Biomedical Business Unit owned subsidiary of Far Eastern Group is a first branched out into the field of biotechnology company. In the early stage, to research and develop wound dressing as the main product.
Oriental Resources Development Limited takes considerations based on the principle of caring patients and patient’s standpoint developing new generation of wound dressing with benefits in non adhesion、moisture retention & no re-infiltration、waterproof. Also, we expand globalization actively、base Taiwan and take a broad view at the whole world. We hope to provide good quality of medical care to more patient who need; moreover, Oriental Resources Development Limited expects in the near future having further contribution to the community、caring people and enhancing medical quality of human life.

Development strategy

  • We care about the medical well-being of the masses of the bottom of the pyramid and develop the main market basing on emerging countries.
  • We start from necessity which has wide treatment needs and challenge to advance technology gradually.
  • We emphasis on the use of the breadth of products to expand the people's approval.

Prospect of market

Short term:Main supplier of the wound care products in Taiwan
Medium term:Main supplier of the wound care products in the world
Long term:The world's leading supplier of wound care
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